Thursday, January 2, 2014

IMAX and Museum

Jan 1, 2014
Maman and Papa thought that Samuel would enjoy seeing the wild animals in the Kenya Imax show 
at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. As  museum members, they like to see what's on. Grandpa and Grant joined them for the show as well as Sam's friend, Stella, and her Dad.

What about David? He and Barbara explored the Canadian Children's Museum. He took Barbara on a 
guided tour. Then he discovered the boat, where climbing up and down and around were a lot of fun. He played bricks with some other boys and discovered a bird bath. Then he did some birding at the big Christmas tree while watching for Sam to come down the escalator from Imax.


The boys spent some time together with Grant and Maman at the Children's Museum before returning 
home, tired and happy.

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