Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Train, Stacking, Skating, Raclette

Jan 18, 2014

Maman and Papa brought Samuel, David and Boots over on Saturday morning. The first thing Sam wanted to do was play with Grant's train (Grant had it set up ready to go). It was fun watching it speed through a tunnel.

David checked out the kitchen table where we would have lunch before Maman and Papa went see the Sens play the Rangers.

After lunch David and Barbara played with a stacking toy - build it up, shake the circles off, build it up...

Meanwhile Sam returned for more train time, enjoyed one of Grandpa's gingerbread cookies and played feeding the pets on Leap Pad with Grant.

 Next it was time to go skating at the community building. Sam tried various ways to keep up and moving - he really liked it when he saw two girls skate with their special supports - "I want one of those", he said.

Back home, the boys checked to see their parents at the hockey game. No luck. It wasn't long before the game was over and they came back.

Time for raclette and a fire...  fun day for everyone.

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