Friday, October 30, 2015

Bonne Fête at School

Wednesday October 28, 2015

Today was the day to celebrate David's birthday at his Montessori day care. Barbara met Maman and the boys there. Samuel's teachers were on strike so he could come today too. He carried in a poster of photos of David's first three years.

David knew the routine - he hung his jacket up and put on his shoes.

Then he joined his classmates in a circle and Maman told a few stories about his life, showing the photos.

Open this video to see David carry a globe of the earth around the sun to represent his third year. Then it was time for singing and cake. Samuel helped him blow out the candles.

He loved the stars on his cake.

Then he got up to show the date on the calendar.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to the Halloween pumpkins and visit Value Village with Barbara to drop off some donations - the boys each spent a toonie in the store. Then we headed to 9 Lambert to spend the rest of the day with Grandpa and Grant.

David shared his cake with Sam and Grandpa.

After lunch David settled down for his nap and Sam made some cinnamon buns. Then he coloured a drawing of himself and enjoyed playtime with Grant.

When David got up, he showed Grant his Value Village flashlight - 3 colors!. Sam also enjoyed giving us a demo of the fan he had bought (plus he got some change which he counted for us). Great Uncle Rick and Papa came for supper and David surprised them by jumping up in a big box.

Grandpa showed Papa and Sam our new gas furnace/airconditioner. Then the boys had several lively games of hockey. They had a final play with Grant and then it was time to head home for a good sleep.

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