Thursday, October 1, 2015

Je suis capable

Saturday September 26, 2015

Today was the Venturer climbing day at Luskville. Plans were to take the steep trail up to  climb Spindrift Wall and  North Face on Western CWM. Sean Friell and Kirk headed up early to set up the climbs while Grandpa ran a ground school for the Venturers. Kirk brought Karine, Samuel, David and Boots along too. Barbara hiked up with them and Samuel showed Barbara the best way to climb up. He said he knew the way because he had been there two times before. It was a beautiful morning with excellent views.

Karine belayed for Kirk as he scaled the rockface. Once a few Venturers had tested out their climbing skills, Samuel and David climbed too, three climbs for Sam with #3 climb right to the top of the cliff face (Karine coached him down) and two for David. Then it was time for some play and a snack.

Two videos of Sam in action:

Then we hiked down. David insisted walking all the way - "je suis capable!".  It was a day of accomplishments.

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