Friday, October 2, 2015

Chickenpox Days

Tuesday September 29 - Thursday October 1, 2015

Samuel developed some small blisters at the top of one leg and David had a few on one arm. Papa took Sam to the doctor who said it could be chickenpox so to keep him out of school until they weren't itchy. Both boys had had a chickenpox inoculation and had no other symptoms of chickenpox. They were in good shape and came to play with Grandpa, Barbara and Grant for three days.

On Tuesday Barbara and Sam wrapped up two parcels to mail - one was for Uncle Craig's birthday so Sam made him a card. We drove over to the post office, mailed the two parcels and bought some rice crispie squares to snack on. Uncle Grant had a dental appointment so we all biked over to meet him. We saw a mail truck and the postal lady invited the boys into her truck to see the letters and parcels. We waited inside the dental office for awhile and played with some lego. When Grant was finished we stopped at a park to play.

To keep busy we created a list of activities. Sam drew ideas out of a container each day and we did what they said... the first one we drew was "build a house for stuffed animals" which Sam and Grant worked hard designing. Next was "bake brownies". Yum!

Wednesday began with a "treasure hunt". While David played trains with Grant, Sam and Barbara set up a treasure hunt for him. David enjoyed finding his treasures, including a kite. Soon we were off to the park to fly the kite and swing. Next was "have a picnic". We enjoyed a picnic lunch together by the pond in the backyard. After lunch, David had ''read a story" time before his nap and  Sam and Boots helped Grandpa build a shelf. After the nap it was "watch TV" time - Grant and David made some popcorn.

Thursday was "visit museum" day - the boys chose the Aviation Museum. We had a good morning here.

In the afternoon Sam, Grant and Grandpa got ready to "go fishing". They had fun at the Nepean Sailing Club.  A Bald Eagle flew overhead as they stepped out of the car.  It was very windy out at the point and there were no fish.  But Sam did catch a butterfly.  Later we tried fishing from the dock.  Sam thought he had some bites, but the highlight was the arrival of an Ottawa Fire Rescue crew for a training session.

After fishing Sam chose the 'draw pictures" activity and drew and coloured a picture of his fighter plane from the museum. The boys ended their visit with the ever popular train time.

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