Friday, April 28, 2017

A Sleepover Visit

April 22-23, 2017
Maman and Papa needed some quiet time this weekend to complete their taxes, so Grandpa and Barbara picked up Samuel and David on their way home from the cottage. After a great supper of homemade chili, we loaded into the van. After a play with Grant and a bath, the boys settled down at 9:30pm.

On Sunday morning, Samuel slept in until about 9am. when he had breakfast and watched some TV. David had settled himself down on the floor beside the bed and was still asleep at noon. We woke him up and took his temperature - it was about a degree and a half above normal. We cooled him down but could not get him to fully wake up. No breakfast or TV for him - he just wanted to sleep.

Meanwhile, Samuel got busy - first helping Grandpa set up the pond and then get some big broken pine branches off the roof. He was a good worker!

Later in the afternoon, Papa and Maman decided David should come home to rest. Grandpa and Grant drove the boys up to their meeting spot in Chelsea at La Cigale. Grandpa was happy to use his gift certificate. Suddenly David revived and enjoyed an ice cream.

Note that both boys were not feeling well on Monday - they stayed home from school until Friday.

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