Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Birthday and Happy Easter

April 9, 2017
On Sunday Maman and Papa brought the boys over for a visit. Maman bravely volunteered to remove a large broken branch stuck in our pine tree during the winter ice storm. She did it very carefully with Papa manning the rope. Success! Then we had lunch together on the sunny front porch. It really seemed like spring!

While Maman and Papa left to do some shopping, the boys helped Grandpa return some bottles (from the Scout bottle drive). It was their first trip to the Beer Store.

Then they had a good time testing out their scooters.

Later in the afternoon the Bowman family got together at Wanda's to celebrate Val's birthday and to have some Easter fun with the boys. Flying their new kites was a real adventure. At first they just had fun running into the hedge with the kite packages. Then they got some help putting them together. There wasn't too much wind in the backyard but there was good wind (in one direction) on the street. Amazingly all the kites remained intact after their workout.

Back inside it was time for the Easter treats hunt.

... followed by dinner, Val's birthday cake and some birthday gifts for Val and some early birthday gifts for Gavin.

It was a fun and busy day.

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