Friday, December 27, 2013

Bowman Christmas party

December 22 2013

Craig had arrived home for his annual Christmas visit. He quickly got to work practicing making "pipe cleaner" candy canes to help the kids with their craft when they arrived. He also visited the florist and got a beautiful centrepiece (compliments of the Giles) for the buffet table. Then he tried the Canadian Geographic quiz while Grant checked out the paper.

Soon Wanda, Stephanie, Val, Grant T. and Gavin arrived. The boys made their candy canes and Samuel made a Christmas card for Maman (Karine had a bad cold and could not join us). Boots rested in the middle of the floor.

Wanda and Stephanie checked out some old Bowman family photos.

We all enjoyed our buffet lunch together.

Gavin and Val checked out the Christmas lights in the backyard.

Opening gifts was fun and soon the boys were playing with their new toys. Wanda and Bill discussed some of the family photo activities. Boots continued to nap in the centre of the action.

Grant and Sam enjoyed a quiet Christmas read.

A walk in the snow completed the day. Grandpa took some "movies" of the sliding action and Sam really enjoyed reliving the action by watching them when we returned home. Check out the fun...

Wait for the video to load...


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