Thursday, December 5, 2013

First Ski of the Season

Dec 2, 2013

An unusual snow storm in late November had left about 15 cm of fluffy snow - perfect for an early season ski.  Grandpa call Sam and invited him and David to go skiing at P10 with Maman.  They had to go in the morning, because Grandpa had an appointment in the afternoon.  Fortunately for all of us, Grant decided to come too, as we sure needed his pulling power.

We brought some poles, but Maman did not think it wise to use them.  David was asleep in the Chariot while Grant pulled him.  Sam went by himself up the Fortune Parkway.  After a while, Sam was encouraged to hold on to the back of the Chariot while Grant pulled. 


Sam tired of this so we decided to try the tow bar and rope which Grandpa had brought.  Sam did not find this enjoyable either.  Returning was suggested, but Sam really wanted to get to Keogans.  So after some negotiation, he got into the Chariot with David, and Grant pulled them both the rest of the way.

We had  quick lunch at the lodge, while Sam watched the maintenance man ride his Skidoo.

After lunch, Maman put both boys in the Chariot for the ride back.  David was not pleased, and let everyone know.  At the top of the big downhill, Sam jumped out and put on his skis.  Grandpa and Grant each took a hand and they zoomed to the bottom of the hill by the parking lot.

While Maman put the now happy David in his car seat, Sam tried pulling the Chariot himself.  What a great day.  And Grandpa even saw some old friends on the trail.

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