Monday, December 16, 2013

Cold and Warm

December 15

A snowstorm had blown in overnight. The Chelsea boys arrived at 9 Lambert on Sunday morning. Karine was cold but soon warmed up with Paola’s afghan, a cup of tea and piano playing. Bill wore a cosy vest. The boys had fun playing. After a warm lunch, Kirk and Karine left to do some Christmas shopping.

Samuel and Grandpa made some reindeer cookies and the whole house smelled good.

Sam said it was too cold to go outside. Barbara convinced him double mitts and socks would keep him warm. Helping Grandpa shovel was also a good warm up.

Then we went for a walk to find Santa. Sam pulled David along in a sleigh – this warmed him up more!

The boys were very interested all the snow plowing and snow blowing activity.

Soon we arrived at Santa’s sleigh.

Then we spotted a big polar bear, so Sam visited him too.

Back to a warm fire and some Christmas stories.

Maman and Papa returned. After supper, Sam, Barbara and Grant played with some “Christmas” cards. David played the piano.

It was a happy way to end our day together.


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