Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Papa dropped Samuel and Barbara off at Barbara’s office for the Children’s Christmas Party. Sam pushed 6 on the elevator and up we went. He checked out the Christmas decorations and met some of Barbara’s colleagues. Then he tried out Barbara’s markers. He was offered a chocolate from Japan by Karen, the DG. Then he and Barbara went down for some hot chocolate near the BIG Christmas tree.

Soon it was time for Santa to arrive and we went down to the second floor where the children were gathering. Sam was excited to see Santa and Mrs. Santa. Soon Santa called his name and he was VERY happy to sit on Santa’s knee and get his gift. Barbara’s colleague, Claire, helped him open his box.

Once he had his truck, he was very focused on moving it around… see if you can spot him in the following photos:

Soon it was time to go back to Barbara’s office for his jacket and get ready for Grandpa to pick us up.

While Sam was at the party, David and Boots played with Grant.

Then David had his lunch and then settled down for a nap.

Sam was happy to show Grant and Craig his new truck and learn about some of its special features.


Next Craig and Grandpa worked with Sam to build a Christmas gingerbread train.

When David woke up we headed out for a walk to see Santa…

We travelled together up to Chelsea to spend Christmas Eve together… Sam and Maman lit the candle on the centerpiece he made at school. After supper we all enjoyed watching the Polar Express…


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